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This is for mostly informational purposes so you can see current pricing and learn about buying bulk. The listed prices in the photo are not correct. They are now 20% higher due to freight and farm costs increasing. Unfortunately, they sometimes change daily with the current uncertain economy, fuel costs and global labor issues. Look here for necessary percentage variances as this portion will be updated as we become aware of changes from our sources. Please multiply the price by 1.2 to find your current price.

If you do select to buy bulk online, please choose the value and we will send an assortment of flowers and greens to value. Unfortunately we can not offer free delivery on this item, although some exceptions do apply. Due to us offering you greatly discounted flowers, a delivery fee (based on your location) must be deducted from the value if you chose to order online. Of course there are no extra fees if you would like to pick them up.

Feel free to request your desired colors and we'll do our best to accommodate. It's always best to call or come pick them out yourself if you are very specific. We are at the mercy of our farms so colors and species do vary depending on availability, logistics from farms around the world and seasonality.

If you would like to set up a subscription standing order we can advise our farms and pass even more savings to you.

Flowers will come in a bunch. They will be handed to you for you to clean and care for. This is not for us to show you how to make arrangements or prepping the flowers for you. We do offer fun florist classes and host instructional flower parties for you to help you make arrangements with your friends for your big event. Please inquire about making a reservation for any of our classes and parties.

Thank you for your interest in our bulk flower program! We also have a wholesale program for fellow florists. Please email us your California Sellers Permit for more information.

Bulk Flowers


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